Hidden Health Benefits of Sex

I do not recommend sex before marriage (sorry for that) but I believe sex if used in a good way is quite beneficial for health. If you think sex is just for pleasure or a gesture of love, think it again. Benefits of sex extend far beyond the bedroom. Do you know sex is a form of both mental and physical exercise? As you read this you will find out more health benefits of sex than you have ever known.

This may surprise some people, but it is true, there are several proven health benefits of sex and doctors also recommend having sex at least thrice a week.

Sex reduces stress:
Sex relieves stress as it reduces blood pressure. Research shows us that people who are active in sex respond well to stress and are less nervous when given what is thought difficult tasks such as speaking in public. They show better results than those who are less involved in sexual intercourse.

Improves cardiovascular health:
There are some old believes saying that the tiresome efforts during intercourse can result in a heart stroke. But this is not true; it is found that frequent sex is not associated with stroke. Instead, regular sexual intercourse reduces the risk of fatal heart attacks. So, next time you feel aroused, give it a warm hearty welcome.

Sex heals pain:
Studies show that various pains such as headache, arthritis pain or PMS symptoms begin to improve well after having sex. This is because of the oxytocin hormones released during sex increases endorphins which in turn decline pains.

Strengthens pelvic floor muscles:
Here is another reason to thank sex. Women doing some ‘kegel’ or pelvic floor muscle exercises during sex can have the benefits of minimizing the risk of incontinence as it strengthens the area. It also gives you more pleasure.

Immunity booster:
Regular and normal sex of at least twice a week has been javhd linked with good levels of antibodies called immunoglobulin A or IgA. These antibodies protect you various health problems like colds and infections.

Burns calories:
It is believed that some 20 to 30 minutes of sex can burn more than 85 calories. Assuming this, we can say that sex is a good form of physical exercise.

Protects from prostate cancer risk:
Studies showed that frequent ejaculations of about five or more times a week in men who are in their 20s are less exposed to prostate cancer in their later lives than those having less or no ejaculations.

Sex is also better than taking sleeping peels as it helps you sleep better naturally. According to researchers, the oxytocin released during orgasm promotes better sleeps. As mentioned above it is also a good form of mental exercise as it boosts self-esteem to make us feel good and proud of ourselves.

The oxytocin released during orgasm is also called love hormones. As the level increases it helps us bond and build love with a feeling of generosity.

For women, there is also a reason to rejoice. The next time you have your periods; do not be afraid of any side effects. Some people in the past believe that sexual intercourse during menstrual periods can have negative effects to one’s health. But, doctors have proved that sex during periods is safe and enjoyable as long as adequate precautions are taken.

After all the benefits of sex, who says sex is bad for health? Sex if used correctly by married couples, can be far more beneficial than what is known to us.