The Features of Duplex Stainless Steel Shutoff Valves

May 13, 2022 0 Comments

The superb exhibition of the duplex hardened steel shutoff not set in stone by the presentation of the materials and the primary qualities of the actual valve. Thus, we should initially investigate the attributes of duplex steel. The supposed “duplex tempered steel” is a sort of steel that the ferrite part and the austenite part each records for a half in the strong arrangement. Normally how much part is something like 30%. Since there are ferrite part and austenite part in the duplex steel, it has a generally high strength and high protection from chloride consumption related with ferritic steel, and great durability and welding execution related with austenitic ones.

The elements of duplex tempered steel shutoff valves:

1. The valve utilizes generally speaking manufacturing or produced welding structure, passes the non-horrendous testing. It goes through strong arrangement handling. The creation of the materials is fine. The item appearance is great.

2. The valve fixing is shower welded van bi inox điều khiển khí nén hard combination. Nickel-based patch powder, Stellite combination, tungsten carbide and different materials can be shower welded. The hardness can be all around as high as HRC65. It has great wear obstruction and consumption opposition, which further develops the assistance life of the valve.

3. Because of the attributes of duplex steel material itself, the valve has areas of strength for a to hydrogen sulfide and chloride erosion.

4. Considering the prerequisite on the strength of clean ball valve stem brought about by expanded opening and shutting force after the high temperature statement of water-coal slurry medium, while planning duplex steel ball valve stems, 1740H affidavit solidified hardened steel is utilized. This material can accomplish a high strength after statement solidifying process, which meets the genuine prerequisites of valves.

5. Duplex treated steel clean shutoff valves utilize fixed-balls. The power on the fixing matches by the medium is altogether more modest than that of the drifting ball, prompting diminished opening and shutting force. The valve seat is intended to be a shut design, which can actually forestall the spring disappointment brought about by statement and fouling. The fixing ring utilizes adaptable graphite or plastic amalgam. The material has a generally excellent fixing execution and high temperature-safe execution (adaptable graphite can ultimately depend on 800 degrees Celsius and plastic composite can arrive at 3000 degrees Celsius). The valve stem utilizes statement solidified treated steel.