Insomnia: Is Melatonin the Best Sleep Supplement?

April 22, 2022 0 Comments

this article, we will look at some natural options to help you regain control of your sleep cycles and provide you with a list of well researched, natural insomnia cures. Firstly, you will want to avoid the following stimulants:

Caffeine such as coffee, soda, and chocolate
Yerba Mate
Teas that have caffeine

Stabilizing your blood sugars is vital, especially in the evening. You don’t want to eat anything more than three hours before bedtime because it will energize your body. Eat a balanced meal with lean protein, complex carbs, and good fat for dinner. Limit bedtime snacks to avoid any problems.

Exercise is necessary not only for a healthy lifestyle, but also to improve sleep quality. It is best to do vigorous workouts earlier in the day rather than at night. However, if you must do it at night, some exercises is better than nothing at all.Turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime. Television, phone lights, etc., will keep the brain activated and not allow it time to wind down. Avoid watching highly intense movies, such as horror movies, before bedtime as it can stimulate your adrenal glands into thinking you are in danger, keeping you awake and alert long after the night should end.

Following a regular sleep and wake cycle is important. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Make a ritual that will help train your brain to know when it is time to shut down and when it is time to activate.

Your bedroom should be cool, dark, and comfortable with peaceful, soothing colors. There should be light-limiting curtains and dimmer bulbs in your lamps.

Finally, a few minutes before bed, try writing down your to-do list for the next day, or vent about your worries and anxieties. This will Mind Lab Pro release the negative energy before going to sleep.

Eating Right for Sleeping Right

Food plays an integral part of healthy lifestyle, including healthy sleep. Covering a healthy diet is beyond the scope of this article, however, so we will stick with just a few pointers to help you get into the right kind of thinking.

Eat a high protein and good fat diet for breakfast without carbohydrates. If you must have a carb, go for the complex carbs. This will set the tone for your healthy eating for the rest of the day.

Eat low glycemic index carbohydrates at lunch and dinner. There are hundreds of lists online if you do a quick Google search.

There are some carbs that are needed to get certain chemicals like tryptophan past the blood-brain barrier, which will help produce serotonin and the sleep chemical, melatonin. Again, there are a ton of lists online that will help you sort out a good grocery list.