How To Get a Window Sash Unstuck Using a Pry Bar

April 30, 2022 0 Comments

When a window gets stuck, there are a couple of ways of solving the situation and here you are shown one of them. If you are a true do-it-yourselfer when it comes to fixing stuff around the house, then you already have the following tools in your toolbox: putty knife, pry bar, rubber mallet. Besides these, you will also need a thin block of wood or a shim for the following procedures.

First, here is some window anatomy information. A double-hung window has two moving pieces, the upper and the lower sash. The horizontal part of the piece frame is the rail and the vertical one is the stile. The sash is guided up and down in a straight line by channels found on its vertical sides. There is a small molding piece that keeps it running smoothly in the corresponding channel, called the inside stop. It runs up the front and it is placed at the sides of the lower piece. The horizontal part found at the bottom of the frame is the sill, when you look from the inside, or stool when considering the outside of the window.

When prying the window from Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent inside, first make sure to get the sash unlatched. Place the blade of the putty knife between the stop and the stile of the lower piece and tap it lightly using the rubber mallet to free the window. Repeat this procedure so that both stiles are approached. If it is working, then move it up and down, getting to all spots that are still resistant. When you are finished with this, examine the channels and clean them of any debris with a damp cloth or sponge. After drying, spray some silicon spray or some lubricant into the channels.

When prying the window from outside the first step is the same as before, you must make sure the framework is unlatched. Insert the pry bar between the stool and it and use the thin block of wood as a support to protect the stool from the pry bar. You will work at one end first and then you will move at the other end. If you see that this moves the window, go inside and open it. You will finish by cleaning and lubricating the channels.