Forex Market – Similarities Between Forex Trading and Sports Betting

April 18, 2022 0 Comments

In this article you are going to read about tips for an adequate performance in the Forex market.

Trading in the Forex market is a really hard task. A successful trader must be clear that he should take trading seriously. He cannot let any emotional reasoning intervene.

Unfortunately, trading attracts very impulsive people that end in bankruptcy for not being able to dominate their emotions. If you do Forex trading merely for the excitement and adrenaline, it is normal to only get involved in operations with low success possibilities or that you take unnecessary risks. The Forex market doesn’t forgive and trading for emotional reasons will always lead to loses and even bankruptcy.

It is a logical reaction to relate Forex trading with gambling. Gambling is present in every society and the majority of us have gambled at some point throughout our lives. Gamblers are usually classified in three basic groups: the normal person that gambles for fun and can stop doing it whenever he decides to, the professional gambler that gambles for a living, and finally the obsessive gambler that acts from a subconscious need and that is incapable of stopping. The obsessive gambler will always lose because he tries to feed that feeling, instead of focusing on a realistic long-term plan of action.

Forex trading is really gambling. You are Betting broker service definitely betting that a currency will go up or down compared to another. However, gambling in the Forex market is held in higher regard and offers bigger intellectual diversion than gambling for example on horse racing.

Gamblers feel happy when their predictions are favorable and get depressed when they lose. This is what separates amateurs from professionals, who concentrate on the long-term and are not particularly excited while trading.

Brokers are very conscious that many of their clients are also gamblers. Amateurs are not the only ones that have a problem with a passion for gambling, but many professionals also suffer from this, often motivated by bad planning and bad management.

The idea that must always be present in your mind is that you can or not resist the need to gamble. If you find yourself gambling obsessively and losing constantly, you must stop for a few weeks and review your plan for trading in Forex to make it once again effective. If you find yourself unable to stop even for a few weeks, maybe it’s time to worry about your addiction to gambling.