Basics For Beginning Football Player

April 29, 2022 0 Comments

The objective of the game of football is at it’s most fundamental to score more points than your opponent. A team scores points by putting the football across the opposing teams goal line into the end zone, or by kicking the ball through a pair of uprights that form a goal within the end zone.

When a team carries or catches the football in the opposing teams end zone they score a touchdown worth 6 points. The team has the opportunity to kick an extra point after a made touchdown, by kicking the ball through the uprights of the opponents goal.

A field goal is another scoring opportunity. The team in possession of the football may attempt to kick the ball through the uprights at anytime from anywhere on the field as long as the attempt is made from behind the line of scrimmage. A successful field goal is worth 3 points.

Each team is allowed to have eleven players on the field at a time. The team with possession of the ball is on offense while the team without the ball is on defense.

The offensive team tries to move the ball down field to the opponents end zone by carrying or passing and catching the football. The defensive team tries to stop them by tackling, blocking or intercepting. The offensive team has 4 downs in which they must move the ball 10 yards down field. If they fail to move the ball 10 yards the ball is turned over to the opposing team.

If the offensive team is successful at moving the ball 10 yards they have a new 1st down and now have an additional 4 downs to move another 10 yards.

Each team has offensive and defensive players who are brought on the field depending on the team having possession of the ทางเข้า ufabet ball. Most players specialize in playing a specific position or role on the team and are on either the offensive or defense. Nothing in the rules will prevent a player from playing both offense and defense and in some cases a player will be brought in for special plays or situations.

The game is broken up into four quarters, 15 minutes for each quarter. At the end of the 2nd quarter a half-time break is taken. If there is a tie at the end of regulation play, a 15-minute overtime is played. The offense team is guided by a quarterback who calls plays and distributes the ball to the other eligible offensive players. The offensive line protects the quarterback from being blocked or tackled and tries to create holes in the defensive line through which an offensive player can carry the ball down field. Wide receivers, running backs and tight ends make up the balance of the offensive team and are eligible to receive pass or a handoff and to carry the ball down field.