Attractor Energy Fields

March 9, 2022 0 Comments

Attractor energy fields are the reason heavy drinkers inclined to remaining in the condition of liquor addiction. Furthermore, that is the reason individuals stay seeing someone that are agonizing and troublesome. And furthermore why certain individuals carry on with as long as they can remember griping how unreasonable life is. Yet, it is additionally the way in which certain individuals separate from every one of the allurements of the world and raise their awareness so they can encounter raised mindsets of euphoria and ecstasy.

Each involvement with life has an energy part. The alcoholic has his experience, as does the researcher, the artist, the competitor and the individual working behind the counter at Mcdonald’s.

These energy parts are like vortices since it difficult to move out of the energy’s grasp. Similar to a planet’s gravitational field.

As per Dr. David R. Hawkins, creator of Power versus Force, there is a continuum of energy fields in the human condition. Through 20 or more long periods of kinesiology testing (more than 1,000,000 tests around the world) he had the option to plan the continuum of human awareness, going from the low finish of the range with disgrace which measures at 20 on his logarithmic scale, the entire way to the highest point of the range divine effortlessness or limitless cognizance which adjusts at 1000-portraying the energy of the Avatar-the world’s incredible awakeners like Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna.

So how can one progress from a lower even out, like disgrace, to a more significant level of mental fortitude, or love? Hawkins’ exploration shows that it is incredibly uncommon for an individual to gain a lot of headway in a lifetime. In the event that an individual is brought into the world at a degree of 175, that individual will remain at or exceptionally close to that level over the whole course of life. However, there are exemptions, and the way in which those excellent individuals achieve this is the focal point of this article.

The rule that makes it uncommon for somebody gravitate to move to a higher energy state resembles draws in like. In the event that somebody has an energy adjustment of a specific recurrence, that is the sort of encounters and occasions that they draw in to the person in question. A model that strikes a chord is somebody who aligns at the degree of 175-which exemplifies pride-would be drawn to the U.S. Marines, which likewise adjust at 175.

The individual who adjusts at a much lower level may be drafted into the Marines, yet that is the sort that will wind up with the disreputable release, assuming the lower energy fascination is too solid to even think about breaking free of.

Everything has energy. Music, books, words, food, medications, liquor, and standards like opportunity, unity, mental fortitude, have their comparing impact. You generally have a decision. Would you like to be cognizant or ignorant? Would you like to be bringing together or isolating? This isn’t a period for stubbornness, however a period for power the power comes from presence.

An individual at a more elevated level, for example, delight, which aligns at 540, wouldn’t be drawn to the sort of music that adjusts at 100.

An artist who aligns at a degree of 540, the degree of euphoria, wouldn’t be drawn to words that adjust at the lower levels.